How large is your team? – Disrupting Nirvana currently only consists of one person, Flowercheyeld. All work from design, to production and manufacturing, as well as shipping are done by Flower.


What are you hours of operation?  Online customer service operates Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. The brand itself never sleeps


When will my order ship? – When placing an order, we do state it can take 2-5 days for the order to be processed. After Processing expect your item to take 4-6 weeks to ship. If the item is a one of one or ready made please expect 2 weeks for shipping. Any orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped out on the following week.


Can I place an order for a custom item online? – At the moment, this isn’t a service we offer for our online customers. 


Can I cancel my order? – No, no orders can be canceled as stated both on the terms page and under each product. All sales are final. 

What if UPS or USPS marks my package as delivered but it’s nowhere to be found? – If your package is missing and nowhere to be found, you can reach out to us, and we will file a claim. The investigation can take up to 8 days. We won’t be able to refund until UPS or USPS comes back with the status of the claim. 


Where is the Fifth Dimension? – Just beyond the Fourth.


International Purchases Please Note! – International customers are responsible for all duties, custom fees, taxes and any additional tariffs as well as a flat rate shipping fee of $50.00