About The Disruption

D I S R U P T I N G   N I R V A N A,
founded by Brennan Vogel in 2019,
What started out as an idea turned into a beautiful butterfly. When we allow our ideas to flourish to their full potential unweighed by judgement we find what was inside us all along. Being creative is all about, not creating new things, but seeing things that are already here and seeing them in a different lens. Giving new life into things that others had forgotten. Sometimes all something needs is a breath of fresh air, people or clothes. This company aims to help people disrupt the nirvana, to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. We are all caterpillars waiting to become butterflies. Don't wait any longer to be you, open yourself to the change and only great things will follow. Disrupting Nirvana celebrates vibes and color through uniquely different and functional clothes that will allow you to elevate to new heights. Look no further because these clothes are not only meant to be worn but to become a conversation piece. Dive into the deepest parts of yourself and reflect them through what you wear. We are all on this journey together why not have a little fun along the way.

All products are repurposed in the U.S.A,
with fabrics sourced wherever life can be given